birthday: june 2nd
zodiac sign: gemini
personality type: infp
camp: half-blood
bender: water
house: gryffindor

this blog is
• a personal blog (faq)
• not spoilers free
• occasionally nsfw
(everything is tagged)

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner,
No. 6 novel, Haikyuu!!

Kuroko no Basket, Legend of Korra, The Flash, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Arrow

working on
unfinished requests
top 20 disney sceneries
endless list of
animated husbands


there it is, the livestream just ended ! but you can still watch the replay on my channel

Thank you for coming ! Now we have to see how is this movie ! ( The book of life ) I don’t know when I will see it but I love the designs !

Tarzan (1999)

I’ll be the best ape ever!

Walt Disney Animation Studios today confirmed its 56th animated film will be Moana with an anticipated release date of ‘late 2016.’ (x

Anonymous: what's your other tattoo?? :o

the picture on the left, i got it with my sister last year :3

inked!!! its small and simple but i’ve been meaning to get it for sO LONG and i’m really happy with it (im a gemini so that’s what it’s all about in case u were wondering. also i like roman numerals and if i had a lucky number it’d be 2 hehe)

ignore my arm looking all weird and fat it’s just hard taking a picture of it myself without twisting it and making it look weird (also the left pic is from my webcam and the right is from my phone hence the quality difference)


so The Book of Life has a Mexican mariachi version of “I Will Wait” by fucking Mumford and Sons

this movie is a cinematic masterpiece


La Luna (Pixar, 2012)

We haven’t discussed the subject of payment. You can’t get something for nothing, you know.